Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fedups – Get Your Shipping Cost’s Worth | NewsWatch Review

Every year there are about 7.5 billion packages sent by FedEx and UPS. Out of those packages 10% actually end up arriving to their destination late. Then there is the matter of refunds. What is...

Voiceye – Make Documents Accessible to the Visually Impaired | NewsWatch Review

If you or someone you know is visually impaired or has cognitive impairment this next app should really grab your attention. People with visual impairments already face some difficulties, but now there...

Stockal – Stock Data App | NewsWatch Review

For those of you who made financial New Year’s resolutions, you may want to pay attention. Investing in the stock market is risky, and while it can sometimes pay off in...

Que – Website Creation App | NewsWatch Review

Despite everyone owning a mobile device these days, somehow 4 out of 5 American small businesses still don’t have a mobile optimized website. If you’re one of those businesses, or you...

Level Tool Advanced – Level On Your Phone | NewsWatch Review

Ever download an app that is so convenient it makes you wonder how you ever lived without it?  Here is an app that is definitely one of those.  It’s called Level...

Itself :P – Speech Pathology App | NewsWatch Review

Communication and speech are some of the most basic functions that a child develops at an early age. For parents it’s sometimes hard to objectively view their own child’s speech and...

PrintCentral Pro- The Original Printing App | NewsWatch Review

NewsWatch Review If you’re looking to print a document but don’t have your laptop or PC handy, it is no longer an issue. PrintCentral Pro is an app designed to enable printing...

1Weather- The Comprehensive and Intelligent Weather App |NewsWatch Review

NewsWatch Review Most weather apps offer a 7-day forecast, which is helpful for people planning something for the weekend or a quick excursion. However, sometimes its necessary to nail down plans weeks...

Spedsta – Reliable Senior Transportation | NewsWatch Review

NewsWatch Review Every year about 600,000 seniors stop driving due to medical or physical reasons, or sometimes by choice. Transportation services for the elderly are important to make sure they can remain...

TaxiFareFinder – Be An Informed Traveler | NewsWatch Review

NewsWatch Review If you live in a metropolitan city like New York or Los Angeles then you understand the expenses regarding taxi services. Unlike other modes of transportations, the expense of a...
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