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O-Yaki – The More Efficient Way to Cook with Skewers | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update So, imagine you're preparing a cookout and the menu calls for some kabobs. Well, wouldn't that call for some skewers? And in the midst of all this planning, it starts...

Picwell – Helping People Get the Health Benefits They Need | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update The healthcare system is complex and difficult for consumers to navigate. So when a person chooses a healthcare plan, there’s a good chance they’re not picking the plan that’s best...

AquaBells – Collapsible Travel Weights | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you work out routinely, you know exactly how traveling has the tendency to throw everything off. Especially if your hotel doesn’t have a fitness facility. Well, we’ve found the...
Essential Mintsvideo

Essential Mints – Energy Candy for Your Afternoon Pick-Me-Up | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If you're like most people, you probably get a sense of that "2:30" feeling and require a boost to help you get your day started. If you're like this, you...

Form New Habits with Klikkit | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update There’s a new smart product gaining traction on Kickstarter that’s just what you need to get on track to a healthier lifestyle. The product is called Klikkit, a smart reminder...

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Infinite Beautyvideo

Infinite Beauty – Comprehensive Skin-Treatment Solutions and Products | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Skincare is a treatment you should always maintain, especially as you age. If you’re looking for a place that does just that, check out Infinite...

NATEDE by Clairy – Air Purifier for Your Home | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update It’s a commonly known fact that plants have the ability to reduce pollution. But did you know that pollution is even worse when...

WhisperRoom – Insulated Space for Recording | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report If you’ve ever been involved in any sort of professional audio recording, then you are probably aware of the need for a proper...
Twillow Towelsvideo

Twillow Towels – Have Your Towel Stay Put While You Dry Off | NewsWatch...

Consumer Update Summertime is on its way and that comes with relaxing poolside or laying on the beach shores. Much of many pool/beach-goers dismay, certain...
Triple D's BBQ Saucevideo

Triple D’s BBQ Sauce – Community Grown, Delicious BBQ Sauce | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If we've learned anything from scarfing down some good ol' BBQ, it's that not all sauces are created equal. And we don't mean...


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YouTube Music to Replace Google Play Music and YouTube Red

By: Nick Gambino After dominating streaming video content (at least when it comes to short-form content like cat videos and breakdancing Spider-Man), YouTube is poised...

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