Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Knowing more about international money transfers

The issue of transferring money across borders is always on the headline. It may be remittances of overseas employees that is getting to news, being one of the most economic drivers...
Points and Pintsvideo

Points and Pints – Slate Coasters for Your Sports Fandom | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Sports fans, listen up.  I think we can all agree that sitting down and watching our favorite team play is something we love, right? Now, how often do you relive a...
Margaret M Slimming Pantsvideo

Margaret M Slimming Pants – Quality Stretch Pants for Any Occasion | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update With today’s hectic lifestyle, women are busier than ever.  In between juggling their social life and their career, they also want to look and feel good. That’s where Margaret M’s line...

ConnectSocial – Putting User Privacy First | NewsWatch Review

AppWatch With all the recent user privacy violations by companies like Facebook, it might be time to start looking elsewhere to get your social media fix. Why not check out ConnectSocial? ConnectSocial is...

D2C Directory – Connecting the Workforce with Job Seekers | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report We’ve all heard endless stories about students who can’t find jobs after graduation. It’s no secret that finding the pathway to a sustainable career can be a challenge. Dream2Career, using...

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Polyup – Who Knew Math Could be So Fun | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Math is at the core of everything we do. It’s important to understand the fundamentals of math for lifelong success, but it’s one...
Toni the Superherovideo

Toni the Superhero – A Powerful Read for Young Kids | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Toni the Superhero is a children’s book aimed at boosting kids’ reading confidence. Toni is a little boy with extraordinary powers who also...

Nonni’s Cookies – Scrumptious Cookies Without the Guilt | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Nonni’s Foods recently introduced an all-new lineup of delicious Chocolate Chip Artisan Thin Cookies made with real, premium ingredients. They’re available in three scrumptious...

EEEKit – Smart Outlet for Your Electronics | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Are you still using old-fashioned outlets in your home? You know the ones I’m talking about, where you have to physically unplug from...

SaferNet – Protecting, Monitoring, and Controlling Everything Going Across Your Network | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Whether we’re at home, school, or work – we’re always using the internet. While the internet has improved our lives in so many...


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Apple Has 70 Self-Driving Cars on the Streets

By: Nick Gambino Apple is known for having a finger in every pie so it’s no secret or surprise that they’ve been full steam ahead...

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