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CS50 - Personal Sound Amplifier - Tech Product Review


Published on 6/12/2014

Tech Product Review


Check out a great personal sound amplifier from Sound World Solutions called the CS50.  It’s a unique product that not only helps you hear better, but also acts as a Bluetooth headset for mobile phone calls and streaming audio.  There are two ways to use the CS50.  You can buy it and use it out of the box, or you can go more in depth with their free customization app for iPhone or Android mobile devices, and Bluetooth enabled Mac or Windows computers.  With the app, you can customize the amplifier’s settings to match your specific needs.


There are two buttons on the amplifier – one is for increasing and decreasing the volume, and the other is to toggle between modes.  The first mode is for regular usage in normal environments, the second is for noisy situations like a restaurant, and the third is for entertainment – like seeing a concert or movie. The CS50 uses included rechargeable batteries that will last up 15 hours per charge. Take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee and pick one up for father’s day or for yourself for three hundred and forty-nine-ninety-nine.


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