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Foodtweeks - How to Cut Out Calories - AppWatch Review

Published on Aug 27, 2014

AppWatch Review


Most of us are constantly fighting a battle between the foods we eat and managing our weight.  Well an app that can help is FoodTweeks.  It’s a free app for iOS and Android that helps improve and maintain your weight by showing simple changes to your food to cut out calories.  And for each calorie you cut, the app will donate its equivalent to a food bank in your area.  So it’s not only helping you, but also helping those in need.


There are simple and easy tweeks to everything you eat – a perfect example is a hamburger.  You open the app, choose what you’re eating, and the app will offer advice for cutting calories – like “skip the mayo”, or “remove the top bun”.  You then choose the tweek and give it a try.  When you do, food is donated.  If you share the tweek on Facebook or Twitter, they’ll double or triple the donation.


They’ve got over 12 thousand food items in their database from restaurants, supermarkets, and home cooked meals.  And they have over 40,000 tweeks and counting.


So to have an easier time managing your weight while helping a person in need, head to the appstore and search “FoodTweeks” today.



For more information, search "FoodTweeks"



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