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iMagnet - Magnetic Phone Mount | NewsWatch Review

Published on November 25, 2014

Tech Product Review


Safety while driving is important, you don't want to be constantly looking down at the phone. Check out iMagnet, it’s the original magnetic car phone holder. With iMagnet you mount your phone in one fluid motion - it just snaps right on and allows you to go hands free.


The mount has a suction cup that works on any non-porous textured dashboard from lacqured wood to plastic, with no residue left behind. The iMagnet suction cup is 2 times stronger than others on the market and also has a layer of sticky adhesive that bonds stronger to your dash. Again with no residue left behind. After you put the mount on your dash or window all you have to do is place the metal plate inside your phone case or inside the battery case and the magnet will catch.


The magnet is strong enough to hold your phone when you hit a hump, but  not so strong that it's hard to move. You can get yourself an iMagnet for only $22.99 by heading to

For more information, visit ""

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