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Notebooks 7 - Organize and Create Documents - AppWatch Review

Published on Apr 24, 2014

AppWatch Review


Our tablets and phones are with us constantly. And throughout the day, we have thoughts, to-do's, and notes that need to be jotted down -- so most mobile device users are downloading note taking apps. We recommend Notebooks 7 for your iOS device. Not only is it an easy way to organize and store your notes and tasks, but it also serves as the perfect document manager. So there are three key areas of the app -- the first is it allows you to create and format documents and notes. You can create beautiful documents that match your styles and needs. And you can save them in formats like pdf, html, or even as an ebook.


Next key area is the task manager. When you create a document, you can turn it into a list of to-do's. And each to-do can have sub to-do's. It's a very sophisticated option that is reason alone for giving the app a try. And finally, there's the document and file management function, which allows you to import any type of document, turning the app into your own personal knowledge basket. And you can sync all your documents with your computer using dropbox or a similar service.


The app is currently available for iOS devices for $9.99, versions for Mac and PC will be available soon. So to give it a try, head to Notebooks7.


For more information, search  "Notebooks 7"



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