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Wants And Needs - Evaluate Priorities | NewsWatch Review

Published on January 30, 2015

AppWatch Review


WantsandNeeds helps you reorient and prioritize your goals. You enter and track your wants, both good and bad. This includes your needs like car payments or hanging with friends. Then, enter what you are grateful for, like friends helping you out, family being there unconditionally, or simply a random stranger giving directions.


After you input them, you can see whether you need to think more about what you are grateful for and cut down on your needs and wants. You will get notifications once a week nudging you to put your life in perspective and log your wants, needs, and thanks.


The WantsAndNeeds app goes for $2.99 at launch but will go up to $4.99 soon. It is available on iOS devices and for potential apple watch users, it will be accessible on that device soon. Go to the AppStore today to download it.


For more information, visit ""

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