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Writepad - Handwriting Recognition Apps - AppWatch Review

Published on 6/12/2014

AppWatch Review


If you have a touch screen tablet or phone – like most people – you need an app that can convert handwritten notes to text.  Our recommendation is the WritePad and WritePad Pro.  These apps allow you to write with your finger or stylus on your phone instead of pushing buttons.  The app then translates it into text and saves the document as an HTML, Text, RTF, or DOC file that can be viewed on any computer or device.  And it has a self-learning adaptive handwriting recognition engine, so the more you write, the more accurate the translations are.


WritePad Pro can translate up to 16 different languages using Bing Translator and allows you to insert multi media like photos, emojis, and even drawings from the sketch feature.  The app is also great for sharing those files.  Once it’s saved, you can share it through most of the major cloud storage sites like iCloud, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive or send it out on social sites like Facebook or Twitter.  The two versions, the regular and Pro, are available for iOS devices.


To download either, just head to your appstore and search “WritePad” today.

For more information, search "WritePad Pro"



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