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Gwee Racer Case – Clean and Efficient | NewsWatch Review

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How much do you hate seeing fingerprints on your iPad screen? Aside from looking at them, it is even more annoying trying to clean them off. Sure, you can buy a microfiber cloth, but it never seems to be there when you need it. The Gwee Racer Case simplifies this common problem. This innovative case will serve the usual function of protecting your case while allowing you to set it up in multiple positions for easy viewing.

This is not just your regular iPad case, though. Not only does it provide protection and stability, but it also comes with what they call a “Gwee Racer”. It is basically an easy to use microfiber pad that attaches right to your iPad, allowing you to erase any of those pesky fingerprints that inevitably build up. It attaches by using the magnets built inside the frame. In case you didn’t know, each iPad has internal magnets that you can manipulate to turn the tablet on or off. Magnets are a part of the iPads design so you don’t need to worry about them corrupting your data. The Gwee Racer  takes advantage of this design feature. Just line it up with the magnets at the top of your tablet and it turn it left or right to turn it on or off. To use the pad, just remove it from the frame and slide it across the screen until clean. When done it pops right back into place.

The Gwee Racer Case comes in several colors like black leather and ostrich brown. Prices vary from anywhere between $39 and $49 dollars.

For more information, visit Gwee.com

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