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NapAnywhere – Relax While Traveling | NewsWatch Review

NapAnywhereHow many times have you been traveling and all you wanted to do was sleep?  A long nap can make all those hours of flying just melt away. We have all been in a position where we lament the lack of any way to support our heads in those uncomfortable airplane seats. You spent the extra money and even bought one of those classic u-shaped pillows. The truth is, we all know it barely supports your head. Check out the NapAnywhere. It is the newest travel accessory you have to own. We had a chance to catch up with their founder and CEO.

“This is really a unique head support device. Because what it does that other products don’t do is hold up the entire weight of your head. And by doing so, it allows your neck muscles to relax.  It starts out as a thin, less than one inch thick disk. And from there you form it into this shape…that will support the weight of your head.”

“Basically, the NapAnywhere consists of a strong metallic core that will last for hundreds of uses. And so this product under normal usage should last for many years….and it is anti-microbial…you’re going to fall asleep when you put this device on.”

-Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar CEO and Co-Founder of NapAnywhere

NapAnywhere is clearly a device that takes ergonomics and comfort into consideration, compared to traditional neck pillows. There is no reason to simply settle with an inefficient u-shaped pillow when you have an option like this. The thin profile allows for easier transportation than a bulky pillow. Since you shape it yourself, you can customize the comfort based on your own needs, rest assured. If you want to learn more or pick one up for your next trip, head on over to website today.

For more information, visit NapAnywhere.net

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