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Xocial – Make Sure To Say Thank You! | NewsWatch Review

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With the prevalence of social media in our lives, it is easy to get sucked into the whirlwind of 140 word first world problems and selfie spam. The world has become a place where likes and followers define our social influence, so maybe it is time to remind ourselves that popularity is not the key to happiness. Instead, how about we focus on what we are grateful for. An app that wants to rebalance the social scales is Xocial. We had the chance to sit down with their CEO, co-founder and head do-gooder, Colin Duetta to give us a his perspective.

“One of the biggest impacters to a person’s overall happiness is how much gratitude they show.  So we focused our mission in on recognizing the good we see around us every single day. Simply download the application through the Apple Store or Google Play, you can also play online through any of your favorite web browsers. Simply login, connect to one of your favorite social networks to invite somebody, or search through the Xocial Community, select their name and say ‘Thank You’. It’s just that simple.”


“The power of the platform is really around the XO score. That is leveraging our compulsion around measurement and competition, to develop some friendly competition around recognizing the good we see around us. That XO score will grow on how much gratitude you show and how much gratitude you receive. “

“…but what is really exciting for us is the conversations we are beginning to have. Charities and Not-For-Profits are reaching out about recognizing their donors and volunteers. Really exciting conversations around education frameworks for positive behavior support. We are also speaking to brands about aligning with community good deeds and recognizing those as well.”

-Colin Duetta CEO, Co-Founder of Xocial


To learn more about the good you can do with Xocial, download the app on their website for free.

For more information, visit Xocial.com.


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