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Jasco Z-Wave – Smart Home | NewsWatch Review

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If you’re looking to monitor your home while away, worry no more.  One of the leading smart home wireless technologies out there is Z-Wave. Z-Wave allows you to control everything from lighting to security alarms to the thermostat and on and on.

Teamed up with Jasco – a company over 40 years old that specializes in comprehensive consumer electronics – and GE smart devices, there are nearly 1000 smart products that are compatible with Z-Wave hubs and the list keeps expanding. In fact Jasco and GE are specifically making products that utilize Z-Wave tech.  Products vary from plug ins, in-walls, on-walls, and even handhelds.

Products like their plug-in technology for dimmers and in-door and out-door switches that are all able to be controlled remotely because of their smart capabilities. Their in-wall products are able to be controlled, for example, things like outlets, remotes for setting the mood with different lighting and in-wall dimmers. You can even customize your scenes by creating lighting that you can revert to for entertaining, events, or certain times of day or night. All of it completely controlled by your smartphone or tablet using any of the Z-Wave compatible gateways such as ADT, Nexia, HomeSeer, and many more.

Moreover, these products are easy to install – they take no more than 15 minutes. Schedule your homes various functions by setting different times you want things to go on and off. Whether that’s different lighting for different times of day or if you want the fan or pumps to go on or off so you don’t have to worry about manually doing it.

To start setting up your smart home today go to easyzwave.com

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