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Air Angel – Sanify Both Air and Surfaces | NewsWatch Review

If you own a cat or a dog, you probably feel like they’re part of the family. But what if you, your friends or your family can’t even step into the house because of the smell or pet allergies? Check out the Air Angel and say goodbye to both those issues. This innovative nanotechnology will sanitize the air and surfaces, removing allergens, viruses, bacteria, and odor. It even works on odors in fabrics.

With a variety of models including countertop, portable, commercial, and in-duct, Air Oasis is adaptable for household, commercial, and professional use. The product is based off of a NASA technology developed for deep space missions.

It is easy to use as well, with zero maintenance needs for the first year, and you can take it with you anywhere you and your family go, including in the car with the car adapter. In addition to these benefits, the Air Oasis is energy efficient. Its purifiers operate on only a fraction of the energy that other products use.

Air Angel technology is used in numerous hospitals, schools, pet groomers, grocery stores and even resorts like the MGM Grand. Its adaptability to numerous spaces is made possible by its long-range ability in large areas such as hospitals and grocery stores. The compact and powerful unit can protect up to 250 square feet.

Veterinary Hospitals say that they use the Air Angel technology to not only keep odors at bay, but also to remove kennel cough by creating a healthier environment for their animals.

If you are caring for an infant, an elderly, or anyone with a compromised immune system, Air Oasis is a smart investment. The elimination of mold and other bacteria make lives not only healthier but create more of an inviting environment.

The Air Angel is made in America by Air Oasis and comes in either black or pearl white. You can buy it for $249.99 by going to their website today.

For more information, visit AirOasis.com

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