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CRACK‘EM – A Better Way To Crack Eggs | NewsWatch Review

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Most people love cooking but hate the mess it makes. Especially when it comes to eggs. Cracking an egg is easy, but a mess is pretty much guaranteed. Crack’em is a product that helps eliminate the mess without having to give up on cooking. Created by David Tennant, a Marine Veteran, the product’s motto is “crack more, clean less”. Funded through Kickstarter the genius ergonomic design is super simple. Crack’em captures eggshells, contains messes, and is made of durable food-safe plastic.

The ridge in the middle is used for cracking eggs while the tray holds any egg spill so it doesn’t end up on your counter or the side of a pan. The Crack’em also doubles as a spoon or spatula rest while you’re cooking so its dual purpose makes it incredibly useful and easy to use. Even children can now help out in the kitchen with the simple product. It’s dishwasher safe and easily stacked without damaging the ridge because of a gap on the bottom. Crack’em is also recyclable. This product comes in four colors: red, white, blue and black.

You can buy a Crack’em individually for $6 or in packs of 3 for $15, 5 for $25, or 10 for $50. And as you can imagine, they make excellent gifts. So insert a little more sanity to your kitchen life head on over to their website and pick some up today.

For more information, visit CrackEmEggs.com.

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