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Miragii – Fashionable Smart Jewelry | NewsWatch Review

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A few months ago we highlighted a smart necklace called the Miragii. It is the necklace pendant that is also a Bluetooth device that pairs with a smartphone to projects incoming notifications onto your hand. They’re at it again with their newly designed pendant. The difference is this new one is collaboration between them and a Hong Kong jeweler.

It has a metal frame with designs on the front and a metal necklace.  But the cool factor is still the fact that it’s smart jewelry.  Once paired with your phone, when a text message or call comes in, put your palm up to the necklace and the message or call will project onto your hand. Then with a gesture of your hand you can decide whether or not you want to answer. If you want to take the call, there’s a small Bluetooth earpiece from the pendant you can use. Now the reason we love this jewelry is because the makers went a different route from the current smart device market.

It doesn’t only have Bluetooth, but also headphones, micro projectors, sensors, and gesture recognition. The piece can also be customized slightly by choosing the style of the chain. Options include a standard leather cord, a gold chain, or a silver chain and pendants come in black and white – other colors are offered upon special request but are limited.  The style is very modern and made from allergy-free material. Unlike a watch or a Google glasses, this is a discreet item that adapts to your lifestyle – from business settings to casual, you can use however you want.

One smart use of this product is for safety. An alert can be triggered in a dangerous situation and the paired smart device will send GPS location information to friends for help. Head on over to their website to be ahead of the times and get one now. It’s available for $399.

For more information, visit Miragii.com.


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