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Everlisten – Personal DJ App | NewsWatch Review

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With digital music there is no limit to the amount of apps available to listen to our music. Technology moves quickly and efficiently towards more convenient ways to listen to our music. We have come so much farther than mp3 player that simply play albums from beginning to end. A perfect example of this Everlisten - NewsWatch Review`evolving field is an app that allows you to enjoy a completely new listening experience.

Its called Everlisten. Think of it like your own personal DJ. With this app you can create your own playlist from the music on your iOS device. Now is the time to build that perfect mix you have always been imagining, but haven’t gotten around to putting together. Next is where the fun starts. One of the apps unique abilities is being able to set a playback duration. As in, you set how long you want each song to play for. Select a beginning and ending point within the length of the track, and it will then play only that part of the song, one after another from your playlist. You can set the tracks to cross-fade between each other to further streamline the listening experience. If you set the duration to 30 seconds, that means you can listen to 100 songs in 50 minutes.

Basically, you listen to the first main portion of the song. Now you have your own personal DJ creating different cuts for you. The Everlisten – Lite Edition is free but only allows you to create one playlist consisting of 10 songs. You can buy the full version for $1.99 for unlimited playlists and songs. Head to the app store today to download Everlisten.

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