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Hue Lights – Custom Home Lighting | NewsWatch Review

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It is becoming easier and easier to customize aspects of our living space with technology these days. Smart bulbs are on the fast track to popularity as they put home lights under your control. Who wouldn’t want to have limitless options for lighting their home? It isn’t as simple as just acquiring the bulbs, though. To get the best results, it’s necessary to have the right app for the job. Heres an app that works beautifully with the Phillips Hue Hue LightsLine.

The name of the app of course is Hue Lights. You simply screw in the light bulbs wherever you want an extra custom touch and turn them on. Then, open the app and connect to each bulb with the press of a button. The bulbs use wifi and show up with a quick scan. Theyre all now under your control. Schedule them to go on or off anytime of day, turn individual ones on or off, or dim them using different hues. How about simulating a sunrise or a lightning storm? Yep you can do it with this app. In fact, you can use up to 16 million different colors and shades of white to create any scene you want. Perfect for a concert setting or a fade in or fade out theatrical setting. The Hue Lights app actually works with any bulb that uses ZigBee standard technology such as GE Link or Osram bulbs. Its compatible with any iOS device including the new Apple Watch. The free version of Hue Lights allows you to control two lights but with in-app purchases you can unlock up to 50 lights. Search Hue Lights in your appstore today, or head to huelights.com for more information.

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