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Minute of Life – Sharing Video Messages | NewsWatch Review

App Review

With texts and a million other forms of messaging, communications are lightning fast and abundant. So much so that most messages don’t involve much thought.  But if you want to send a message that has a little more substance check out Minute of Life.

The app allows you to create augmented reality video messages. This futuristic app works simply by sending a video message with a marker and a QR code to scan.  When the recipient scans the QR code and holds the Minute of Life app over the marker – for example, a bottle of wine – they can watch your minute-long video message in augmented reality. This puts your message in the right context with added significance indicating the importance of the message.  You can also send it as a regular message with a date and time stamp or you can make it available at a specific time slot, so whoever you send it to can anticipate watching the video message.  If you choose to send the regular video message then you have the ability to choose the time slot that would work best for your recipient. There is a built-in media editor with themes that you can pick from as well to make your message perfect. Whether you use it as a creative outlet for fun or to share and create special experiences with and for those you care about, Minute of Life app is completely unique and simple to use.

Minute of Life is free to download on iOS or Android devices with in-app purchases.

Download it on the app store today or go to minuteoflife.com.

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