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CafeX – Real-Time Communications with Apps | NewsWatch Review

We all know the usefulness of mobile applications.  Take financial services for example – whether it be American Express or another major financial institution, having that mobile app on your phone or tablet to manage your money is convenient.  But often times, when you need help or require a customer service rep, the experience between the application and getting help on the phone is cumbersome—even disjointed. We spoke to Sajeel Hussain the Chief Marketing Officer over at CafeX about how they plan to fix this issue.

“Mobile and web, we believe at CafeX, is going to be the face of customer engagement.  Mobile is on the rise, mobile is exploding – there’s an app for everything….when we need help…our natural inclination is to dial the 1-800 number.  Now, customer expectations in the digital world are changing.  In fact, 80% of consumers today on average within the US spend 80% of their time within the mobile app.  And the idea is when you’re within your mobile app, as opposed to leaving the app and making a 1-800 number phone call, you should be able to with the touch of a button get connected to the right agent who knows exactly what you’re calling about and be able to help you.”

And that’s where CafeX comes in.  They’ve created a software that will allow the customer to receive contextual customer service without ever leaving the app.

“We make it extremely simple to embed realtime communication and collaboration capabilities within the apps.”

“The other thing we do is we capture context.  So everything the user is doing on his or her mobile app, all of that information is tracked and is passed over to the expert or to the agent so that they can have a much more meaningful conversation back with the end consumer.”

Companies like CafeX are changing the way we look at and use mobile applications.  They’re no longer just nice-to-haves – they’re becoming necessary tools for managing our everyday lives.  For more information, head on over to CafeX.com.

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