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Max Email – Faxing Made Current | App Review

App Review

Our world is officially digital – which means pieces of paper are slowly becoming things of the past.  However, if you work in an industry that has strict rules and regulations – whether it be healthcare or real estate –you know that the fax machine has weathered the paper apocalypse. So if you’re still forced to send and receive faxes but don’t want an actual machine clunking up your office, check out MaxEmail.

 MaxEmailThis app is available for iOS and Android devices and acts as a fax machine and scanner, but all within your smartphone or tablet. You sign up online, then download the app. You then choose the number that will become your fax line, and start receiving faxes to your device. You can view an incoming fax – whether it be via the app or via email – sign it, and send it back out. Or if you’re initiating the fax, you can take a photo of the document with your phones camera, add a cover page, and send it out –all done digitally.  And their scanner feature will optimize a photo for faxing. You can even listen to voicemails received on your MaxEmail number. Mobile faxing is now possible.

The app is available as a free trial but can also be purchased for $9.95 a month.  To learn more and get up to speed on the digital world, head to maxemail.com/Newswatch or go to your appstore to download it.

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