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Tangram Fury – The Fun, Intelligent Shape Shifting Game | NewsWatch Review

NewsWatch Review

If you have never heard of a tangram it is an ancient Chinese puzzle in which you rearrange 7 shapes to create new images. They have been used successfully in schools to aid in child development, and are a great addition to any game night. Currently, many Tangram puzzles are outdated and use tired images. Tangram Fury has changed that.

The fast paced game pits 4 players against one another to see who can create the images from the card the fastest. The first to win 5 cards, wins the game. Now there is Tangram Fury Puzzle Books that bring tangrams into the 21st century. There are 18 fun books, each with a different theme. No matter if you or a kid is interested in Sci-Fi, Christmas, or the Wild West, there is a book that will meet your interests. Every book has over 130 pages of puzzles and solutions to keep people entertained for hours. Each full paged puzzle is shown in expert mode and include solutions on the back. Following the main part of the puzzle is a bonus section, which provides cards for a matching game. The more books collected the more cards are collected. In addition to these books being entertaining, they enables kids to exercise their spatial reasoning skills. Additionally, each book has information on the history and fundamentals of tangrams.

“Tangram Fury is a surprisingly fun, fast-paced, table-top game based on the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle. What gives this its edge over other tangram games is that this is competitive. Up to 4 players race against each other to build tangram images that are shown on cards. The first to win 5 cards, wins the game. It’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds. Think “competitive Tetris,” but where you physically arrange the pieces. (Don’t tell the kids, but it’s also educational. They’ll think they’re just having a blast and not realize they’re developing their spatial reasoning skills.)”

Each Tangram Fury Puzzle Book is only $9.99. So head over to tangramfury.com or Amazon to pick up one or the whole set today.


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