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The Evolution Of The Mobile Phone in 5 Decades or Less

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Whether you are an IOS or an Android user, chances are if you exist in this century you are an avid phone user and abuser. We love having our phones on us at all times for virtually (no pun intended) anything and everything. We track our diets, our energy usage, and our social standings, we play with tiny birds and build entire KINGDOMS! I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell had any idea how amazing and addicting his device would end up being! And that making calls was pretty much the last thing that we would do with our phones! Our techspert Chris Vaughn helped us take a look at the evolution of just the mobile phone over the last 50 years.


Starting in the 70’s, we had Motorola’s Martin Cooper use the prototype Motorola DynaTAC to make a very specific call to it’s competitor at AT&T Dr. Joel S. Engel. That is a pretty epic move to make. Taking it to the schoolyard on that one Cooper!

Next in the 80’s, Motorola put out the MicroTAC 9800x and redefined the mobile phone, this was one of the first phone’s that could fit in your pocket.  The MicroTAC really sparked the creativity and innovation in mobile phones for the next decade.

Here enters the 90’s, during this time we saw the early development of display screens. This phone basically looks like a mini laptop and the idea was for it function like one as well, hence the “first Smart phone”. Then Nokia didn’t put anything out that looked any different then it’s Nokia 5110 for the next ten years.

Into this century, Motorola came out with an actual functional and futuristic phone, the RAZR. The RAZR was thinner than a pencil, light, and still had room for a camera. Yep, camera phones we’re taking off at this time however the use for them wasn’t fully understood yet. I mean “selfies” weren’t a thing.

Finally, in 2007 the iPhone was released giving us our first fully functional phone without buttons, hence the touch screen was born. For a while nothing could top it, well until the Android Galaxy came out. Now, it feels like every other second some company or another is coming out with a new system update or a new phone prototype or some new function or app for the existing phones.

This really leaves us wondering how long until we are all just walking around with implants in our brains; blinking out texts or calls. Let us know what you think in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter with your input!

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