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Love Tangle – An Interactive Love Story | NewsWatch Review

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With the advent of smartphones and tablets, interactive novels are becoming more popular. The NTT Solmare Corporation in Japan is one of the leading content creators for interactive stories. They’ve created a series of dating simulation titles called “Shall We Date?” which features beautiful art and an aesthetically-pleasing design. Their versions include Ninja Shadow: Her One and Only Love, Eternal Vows: Love Beyond Time, Oz, Pirates, Destiny Ninja 2, Blood in Roses, Wizardless Heart, The Niflheim, Ninja Assasin, Ninja Love, MySweetPrince, Destiny Ninja, My Fairy Tales, Lost Island, Scarlet Fate, Magic Sword, Angel or Devil, and Mononoke Kiss. Their newest title in the series is called Love Tangle: Finding my Better Half.

Love Tangle follows the story of a beautiful young woman who moves into a luxurious apartment building where she soon finds herself involved in a salacious love triangle. You start by reading the prologue to get familiar with the story before you begin the first 4 chapters of the novel. At the end of the third chapter you have to decide which man you want to advance the story with. Depending on the choices you make throughout the novel, you’ll experience a different ending and ultimately a different story. Your fate is decided by the decisions you make along the way. Will you be able to find your better half? As a bonus there are mini-games that you can play to help you earn in-app points and gain access to exclusive stories.

Love Tangle is free to download with an option to buy in-app coins. It’s available on iOS and Android devices. So head to the app store, Google Play store, or http://shallwedate.jp/en/ to download it today.

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