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KROOZ – Safe Ride-Sharing App | NewsWatch Review

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Ride-sharing apps are super popular these days, but it seems like some of the more popular ride-sharing services are always in the news for incidents with unsafe drivers or disorderly passengers. Well, for a different ride-sharing experience check out KROOZ.

You start by requesting a driver from your location, and one will be dispatched. The fare estimator will show you how much the ride will likely cost. You are then sent all the details of your driver. KROOZ has a communication system that allows you and the driver to text and call without the need to give out your personal contact information. Friends and family can follow your trip progress and notifies when you safely arrived your destination. And there’s even a panic button in case of an emergency. We think that these are some truly great features that can come in handy if you ever feel uncomfortable during your ride. And alerting your friends or family that you arrived safely even if you forget to text them is a great feature for us worry warts.

Now from the driver side of things there are some real perks here. Drivers are compensated at a higher rate than other similar apps. For one thing, they keep 100% of their tips. And in case the ride is cancelled or the passenger is a no show the driver still gets paid. This is where the app truly differs from it’s competitors when it comes to providing for it’s drivers. And a happy driver leads to a happy rider.

If you’re interested in being a driver yourself or just want to use KROOZ to get around town, download it for free on iOS or Android devices by heading to your app store or mykrooz.com today.

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