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Blingby – Interactive Entertainment Shopping Platform | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever watched a music video, movie trailer or festival reel and though to yourself, “I want to go to that location or wear those clothes.” Sure you have. Well there’s a new video streaming platform designed to do just that.  Blingby is a full experiential platform that allows you to immerse yourself in visual entertainment and live the experience. From buying the products to renting a cool vacation spot that you saw in a video, Blingby can bring you it all.

For instance, let’s say you watch a music video. While watching the video you can browse related items for sale as they appear on the screen. Like an entire outfit you see? No problem. Buy it right then and there. This doesn’t just stop with a cool jacket being worn. You can buy music and concert tickets, find travel information, stay at a specific location to discover an artist’s inspiration and book venues and activities inspired by the video. The app shows exact matches for things in the bbTagged video but also shows affordable alternatives just in case they’re out of your price range. There are currently over 250 music videos, festival reels, and movie trailers from all over the world, and across all genres and age groups, all right on Blingby’s app and website. And users can vote for which videos they want bbTagged next. They can even experience Blingby when listening to the radio, watching tv, or dancing in the club. With Blingby available in over 135 countries, this is sure to be a global movement.

You can download Blingby on iOS and Android devices for free or go to the website at blingby.com today.

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