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Washos – The Convenient Car Wash | NewsWatch Review

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On-demand services like Uber are the rage these days. With the internet on our phone we want everything instantly at our fingertips. We already have car rides, food delivery and apartment rentals on lock. So what’s next? How about an on-demand car wash?

Washos provides a same day mobile car detailing service that you can order right through an app. Once you schedule them, it takes two hours on average for the car detailer to show up equipped with everything they need. Each of their 40+ detailers have undergone a full background check, is insured, and has been trained through an on-site training program. Washos provides three main packages to choose from. Lavish Car Wash which handles interior and exterior wash, a 45-55-minute car wash. Reveal Car Detailing where they detail your car with organic wax and provide interior cleaning, a 90 to 110-minute car wash. And Outright Car Detailing which is an in-depth interior and full exterior cleaning, a 120 to 150-minute car wash. But you can also throw in some add-ons, like pet hair removal, head light restoration and they even can use eco-friendly supplies. You pay through the app once the job is done so don’t have to worry about exchanging money in person. Currently they operate in LA and Orange County have delivered more than 10,000 bookings since their launch in 2015. They plan to expand into San Diego and San Francisco soon.

The app is free to download on iOS or you can use it right through your browser. Head to the App Store or Washos.com today.

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