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Yukuma – Power Bank | NewsWatch Review

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So picture this scenario: You plug in your phone at the end of the night, it takes all night to charge up to 100% but by lunch the next day it’s already at 3%. So frustrating, right?  Well, here’s a solution to this annoying problem. It’s called Yukuma.

Yukuma has created a power bank that can charge in 30 minutes flat. Designed in Europe, this German-engineered charging wonder strays from the usual technology used by other leading electronic companies to charge up their devices. You see, when you buy a common charging device or adaptor they’re using the same basic battery technology that’s been used for the last 30 years. Yukuma went to work on the internal circuitry of the power bank to make it lightning fast and powerful while still keeping it light and compact. And with 9 levels of safety protection built into it there’s no need to worry about overheating issues, short circuit, battery overdischarge, input overcurrent, overvoltage, output overcurrent, and electrostatic charges. It even has a smart system of fast charging identification.  It comes in 5 different metallic colors: rose gold, gold, silver, gray and black as well as a white plastic case.

The Yukuma 10,000mAh goes for $99 and they’ll start shipping later this year. For more information, head to Yukuma.com today.

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