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Word Dance – Creative Graphics | NewsWatch Review


So we’re always itching for new ways to communicate our unique ideas or views of the world – whether we’re posting a photo on Facebook or Instagram or just posting a funny meme. Word Dance allows you to convert your message into a beautiful and aesthetic Word Cloud Video.

Here’s how it works. Simply choose a couple images either from the 500 plus images in the Word Dance app or import your own. Now add your text by either writing it or importing a Twitter timeline. Then it’s time for Word Dance to take over. After only a couple of minutes the app creates a cool and unique effect that looks like it took you hours to make. If you want to really get your message across, this is a powerful way to cut through the noise. Or if you’re just in the mood for being whimsical this is your app too. Word Dance is one-of-a-kind as it’s the only app out there that allows you to create these types of videos.

“In a couple of minutes only, Word Dance creates a cool and unique effect that looks like you have spent countless hours. Word Dance allows anyone to be a true typography master. Unleash your creativity and show the world your graphic design skills. From tapping into the same sophisticated layout engine as our popular word cloud generator Phoetic, Word Dance is able to generate the most detailed word clouds on iPhones and iPads. Now, magically bring your word clouds to live with Word Dance!”

It’s available on iOS devices for $2.99. To download it, search for “Word Dance” in the App Store today.

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