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How You Can Use Video Conferences More Creatively


Video broadcasting has certainly become popular over the years, with society being able to quickly adapt to new technologies, forms of communication, and types of entertainment. As a brand, you need to ensure that you keep up with society, so that you can continue to engage with audiences in the way they enjoy most, and maintain a personal relationship with them.

As such, we are here to help you understand more about live video broadcasting, as well as a few creative ways in which you can utilize it to enhance your business and connect more personally with consumers.

Global Recruitment Without the Travel Expenses

Hiring new employees in our modern age has never been easier, with instant communications – both audio and video – and the ability to share massive amounts of data within seconds. Finding the ideal employee for the unique position you need filled, however,conference shake
may still be quite difficult. Fortunately, video conferencing can save you a lot time and effort when recruiting, as you don’t need to meticulously plan meeting times, and can simply connect with prospective employees whenever you are both free to talk. This can help weed out those who aren’t ideal for the job, and ensure that the few you do ask to come in for a personal follow-up interview are the prime picks. Furthermore, you can greatly cut down on travel expenses and accommodation for important prospective employees whom you really want to hire as part of your company, and being able to connect at any time also opens up more opportunities to connect with the right people, since you don’t have to specially arrange a time or meeting place.

Remove the Hassle from Training Employees

Training is also an excellent way to utilize interactive video broadcasts, and you can train large groups of people at the same time without requiring a dedicated room or teaching space. Instead, everyone can simply log in and enjoy training from the comfort of their homes or offices. If you are eager to get more involved with consumers and boost your corporate social responsibility, Teach Hub suggests that you could even choose to run a workshop or training seminars for local communities or neighborhoods. These could be basic introduction courses from some of your top minds, or could simply be fun, interactive townhall events to encourage creativity if you are a creative brand. Just be sure to utilize a reputable provider like the BlueJeans Network so that your broadcast will not only be enjoyed without interruptions, but will also be of high quality, thus offering good value and a memorable experience to your audience.

Sharing Information between Divisions or Individuals

When running a massive business, it can become difficult to ensure that every employee is on the same page. With your workforce spread amongst various divisions, such as the creative department, finance team, and customer services, keeping everyone up to date and ensuring they understand what’s going on as a whole within your business is not easy. A fantastic solution to this, as featured on Inserbia, is to utilize video and media sharing tools to broadcast updates via live feeds. This can actually be done far easier than ever before, since memos can take hours to reach individual employees, and many may not even pay attention to email notifications or private messages on the office network. A video broadcast, however, is quick, easy, and hard to ignore.

A Portal to Show Customers a More Personal View of your Brand

As any smart entrepreneur or business-minded individual will know, the key to retaining customers and nurturing loyalty is to form personal connections with each one. This is not easy, however, as your brand needs to show that it’s willing to be personal. An excellent way to achieve just that is to broadcast your workshop, office, or even factory online, so that consumers can enjoy a glimpse into the inner workings of what was previously just a faceless brand. Of course, you don’t necessarily want to share your confidential brand secrets with the world, but consider putting up a camera to simply show how people move around and interact with each other within your office. You could also choose to put up a camera in your manufacturing plant, so that people who are intrigued with your products can actually see how they’re made and gain a new insight into what might be their favorite beverage, snack, or even eating utensil.

Additional locations you could install a camera include:

  • Your reception area or lobby
  • A window view from one of your offices overlooking the city
  • Common areas where employees relax while taking breaks

Live video broadcasting is rapidly gaining popularity for good reason, and will soon be an integral part of every business environment. Start utilizing the tools at your disposal and don’t be afraid to get creative, so that you can enjoy the fine benefits that the modern age has to offer.

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