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StudyAce – Mobile Tutor | NewsWatch Review


As kids get older they’re required to study and learn more complicated subjects that necessitate a lot more thought and prep. Check out StudyAce.

This study app is the perfect tool to help all students prep for tests and retain important facts. StudyAce is chockfull of study games, flashcards, and practice tests covering numerous subjects. Tests include multiple-choice, labeling, sorting, spelling and matching. Choose from existing games or create your own according to the student’s needs with the ability to upload your own images to really customize the experience. Multiple courses exist including AP US History, Spanish, Social Studies, Chemistry and even Driver’s Ed. And if the student needs to brush up on particulars like the Civil War, they can. From the perspective of a teacher, they can edit courses so they match exactly with what they’re teaching in class. Students and teachers can then share whatever content they’ve created with other students.

StudyAce offers a Free FlashCard Maker and Games. Subscribers have access to courses and premium features. You can sign up for a 1, 6, or 12 month plan which costs $4.99, $19.99 or $23.99 respectively.  They also have special pricing for classes.  You can download StudyAce on the App Store or use it directly at StudyAce.com.

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