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The One Way a Gambler Never Wants to Lose

A genuine player knows it’s a game of risk and there are plenty of wins as well as losses. To a non-gambler, it is a total waste of money, but then again, they’ve never had the thrill of winning either. Tell them you lost a couple 100 bucks and they can give you a 10-minute tongue-lashing, but say you won $500 and they look at you with wide-eyed wonderment, you all know the type! And to be honest we do our fair share of complaining when we are sitting in the loser’s corner with comments like “the machines are fixed; the casino is too tight or the dealers fast hands manipulate cards in their favor”.

However, there is rarely sincere concern a land based casino has unscrupulous business practice. Mainly because the state’s gambling commission assures the integrity through regulatory oversight of the casino, video gaming, employees and issued licenses to distributors, terminal operators, locations etc.

The same type of regulations applies to online casino operators and for the most part, is strictly adhered but unfortunately, there is always a bad apple in every bunch. These type of gambling portals are labeled as “rogue” and there are many reasons they can end up with a tarnished reputation including operating without a license, fraudulent software, unregulated jurisdictions and predatory terms and conditions.

Shady Terms
In a recent report, Riviera Play casino was exposed for less than honorable terms and conditions. The site launched in 2015 and operating for a year now have gotten away with virtually scamming their players with rules that are not only demanding but are quite unreasonable.

Some deterrent examples of their terms that are a wake-up call:

Imagine the excitement of winning $500 to find out that any win from $250 to $3,000 is paid in instalments and can take up to 5 to 10 business days to process. What? This is downright dirty!

How about being lucky enough to win again and request your second consecutive withdrawal and learn: terms state they won’t pay if it has been determined the player was not active after the first withdrawal. But here is the kicker, it doesn’t state how long that is!

And the list of ludicrous terms goes on and on. Every gambler wants to win or for that matter lose fair and square. Regrettably, a player is a loser before their very first spin on the slot reels.

Fortunately, watchdog casino affiliates do an excellent job at scouring sites and placing them on their warning/blacklist to bring awareness to real money players. Feedback from gamblers who have had issues provide important red flags to caution players to beware. Ultimately the gambling community catches on and as the word spreads the doors of these establishments eventually close.

It is one thing to lose gracefully and with dignity but entirely another when a player is a victim of an online casino swindler.


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