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SearchLight – Mobile Optical Imaging System | NewsWatch Review


So this next product is gonna be particularly interesting to anyone familiar with fluorescence microscopy or anyone who designs instruments for life science research. Searchlight by Semrock is a free, online spectral plotting and analysis tool that allows you to model and evaluate the performance of fluorophores, light sources, cameras, and optical filters as part of an optical imaging system.

With the most extensive database of fluorophores on the web, you can easily select elements for your system, visualize the spectral properties, and quickly calculate critical parameters such as brightness and signal-to-noise ratio.  You probably know this, but simulating all of this in the design stages is crucial to conducting successful lab experiments or creating robust products that insure you get the Right Solution, Right Now.  The intuitive interface allows you to optimize imaging experiments involving multiple fluorophores for bleedthrough by comparing different chemistries or optical configurations.  It’s also easy to share your simulations with colleagues. But what about if you need to work offline?  Well, with the free iOS app, all your results will automatically sync with your account once connectivity is restored.   Searchlight contains everything you’d need to make every photon count in your instrument.

To learn more, head to their website at Searchlight.semrock.com/Welcome.aspx. SearchLight App is now available for iPhone & iPad. Now you have all the popular features available from the SearchLight plotting tool right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Access SearchLight offline even without internet connectivity. Downloading this App is free and easy. Simply search for “Semrock” in the App Store and follow the download instructions for SearchLight.

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