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TOLOT – Small Photobooks From Cell Phone Photos | NewsWatch Review


Thanks to our phones, capturing photos of the special moments in our lives is easier than ever. But the ease of snapping a picture leads to another problem. We end up with thousands of photos that we may never look at again.  Well, TOLOT is a photobook app that allows you to select up to 22 photos that are printed and placed in a photobook for just $5.99.

And because it’s so affordable, customers can make more photobooks, more frequently, and more casually that they can share with their friends and family.  Now the idea here is that it’s more than just a photo album. Instead you can look at it as a communication tool.  For example, you can give a book to a friend who welcomed a new addition to their family and another to your parents and by selecting different cover designs you can customize each album to a specific person. Again, each photobook consisting of 22 pictures costs $5.99 with free shipping. The paper and image quality of these artistically designed photobooks give them a warmth you can’t get from a smartphone or computer screen. Larger than a smartphone display and lighter than a large photobook, these photobooks are convenient and optimally sized. TOLOT photobooks can fit 22 photographs, the perfect size for showing your child’s growth from month to month or for individual events like weeklong trips or homecoming for the holidays.

TOLOT is available to download in the Google Play or App Store for free. Or just head on over to tolot.com/us today. Try your first photobook for 50¢. This special offer on now. Use code TOLOT50.  (End Jan. 31, 2017.)

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