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Mariner xVu – WaveGuide | NewsWatch Review


Spotty Wi-Fi is irritating to contend with when you’re trying to stream your favorite show or game with friends. Well, strong Wi-Fi starts with a proper set-up and trouble-shooting by your service provider. Mariner xVu, a global leader in customer experience applications, has released its newest app, WaveGuide.

The WaveGuide’s intuitive interface guides any field technician through an optimal Wi-Fi setup. Typically, Wi-Fi is set up without real insight into how the signal would work in that space. Thus, service providers are bombarded by complaints and demands for improvements. WaveGuide solves Wi-Fi viewing issues, like buffering, by focusing on getting your installation done right the first time. The field technician starts by looking for the optimal location to install your Wi-Fi access point by performing interference and signal strength scans around your home.  This allows them to find the best Wi-Fi settings and areas where signal needs to be boosted. Next comes certification where speed tests are performed around your home and saved off-site for future reference. You’ll then receive and review a summary of your home’s Wi-Fi quality to sign-off on.

“While hardware-based scanners can offer better security and analytics, they are often expensive and tailored for large scale enterprise or managed Wi-Fi deployments. While they rely on basic OS/device facilities and APIs and can provide troubleshooting functions, they lack the guided drill-down approach required to minimize service call times and to normalize the certification process. They also rely on proprietary hardware sets, making upgrades for future Wi-Fi technology difficult.”

WaveGuide, now available for field technicians using Android devices, is coming soon to the Play Store for end-users. Head to www.marinerxvu.com/waveguide for more information.

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