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Solo 8 – Running is Hard, Hydrating Shouldn’t Be | NewsWatch Review


Running is a great form of exercise, but there’s usually just one inherent problem with it; having to carry a water bottle in order to stay hydrated.

Finally there is a good solution. Check out the SOLO 8™ from a company called HydraKlick.

As the premier hands-free, beltless hydration system, the SOLO 8™ allows for easy access to water with a simple grab and replace system.

With this innovative and convenient access in design, makes removing and replacing the bottle effortless.

Here’s how it works:

  • An 8 ounce SureGrip bottle clicks effortlessly into the bottle cage
  • The cage is connected to a sport clip which clamps securely on your waistband.
  • A contoured pad keeps the holder stable against your body while you run.
  • When you get thirsty do what you do. Grab the bottle, drink, and replace with a simple click without missing a stride.

What are some of the additional features?

  • Speed valve for quick access to water or fuel
  • Washable, removable pad
  • Ultra reflective sticker for improved visibility
  • One size fits all so no resizing or adjustments are required
  • Pull out bungee cord to secure the bottle for intense running conditions such as extreme downhills

What are the benefits of hands-free running?

  • Carrying a water bottle can tack on extra weight that can potentially cause muscle discomfort or arm restriction.
  • An object in hand can limit the natural movement of your arm and as a result, your arm isn’t swinging to its full capacity and running efficiency is decreased.
  • Running with an object in hand causes a greater chance of dropping the item and causing damage.

Now the SOLO 8™ is useful for more than running. You can use it while you bike, walk, rollerblade, or even paddleboard. The reflective portion allows for additional safety at night, while the design is versatile and offers a hidden pocket where you can securely store your ID, credit card, or money.

With the stability and convenient design of the SOLO 8™ you’ll stay hydrated and keep your hands free while on the move.

To avoid the annoyance of carrying water bottles order the SOLO 8™ today by going to HydraKlick.com.   

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