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Tunified – Liven Up Your Text Messages with a Song | NewsWatch Review


Why send a simple boring text message when there are more interesting ways to say, “what’s up” to your friends? Anyone can send a text, but not everyone will take the time to say it with a song.

Send a greeting or best wishes to your friends and family with Tunified. Add your own videos or photos of choice from any of the millions of accompanying soundtracks to select from.

Tunified is an app that allows you to create custom images and videos to share with your friends that’s complete with an accompanying soundtrack.

If you’re going to say something, why not say it with music? Send a picture or video with your choice of any music track or a variety of themed presets.

You can pick from the songs you love such as current hits or popular old-school tracks in Pop, Metal, Rock, Soul, and more to set the right mood with your video or image.

You can even add sound effects as well as combine music or Lip Sync with photos, videos or pictures. Mix your own photos and videos with millions of tracks or from a variety of presets.

Presets include Happy Birthday wishes, wedding engagements, party invitations, and holiday greetings like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Once you’ve created your perfect piece with Tunified, get ready to share it through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, or text.

There is also no need for a recipient to have Tunified in order to properly open your message. Whoever the intended receiver is, they do not need the app in order to download your special message.

So, why not liven up your photos, videos and messages by downloading Tunified for free on your iOS or Android device? Head to the App or Google Play Store to get it today.

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