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Moodo – A Combination of Scents to Express Your Mood | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There have been numerous studies over the years that link scents to a person’s mood. In other words, the scent of the environment can have an impact on mood, behavior, and activity.

Well, it’s time to switch on your mood with the uniquely crafted Moodo.

Moodo is a customizable smart scent mixing system. They understand that selecting a scent is personal and it’s not just about selecting something off the shelf, but about unique combinations that express your mood in the moment.

The little box stores a number of different fragrance capsules as selected by leading industry professionals.

By mixing and matching fragrances, you can create an endless array of scents for different moods or settings. Moodoo also sparks your imagination and gives you the inspiration necessary to create your own personalized scent for any mood instantly.

Using the app, users can vary the intensity of each capsule creating their own personalized scent.

Once you find one you like, save it so it can be recalled later. The system includes the Moodo fragrance dispenser, an inspiring selection of mood mix capsules, and Moodo APP that enables to mix and match.

Fragrances that you can choose from Moodo include:


  • Orange Sunrise
  • Precious Spices
  • Grandma Vanilla
  • Midnight Thrill

The Gardens of Kanazawa:

  • Neroli Citrus
  • Divine Rose
  • Sandal Wood
  • Grandma Vanilla

And Oriental Delights:

  • Sandal Wood
  • Midnight Thrill
  • Jasmin Sambac
  • Divine Rose

You can even share it with other users no matter where they are, right through the app.

Moodo comes with pre-set scent presets in case you don’t have the energy to experiment and just want to be taken away to a far-off land of relaxation.

Now just like other mood settings like lights and music, Moodo is a part of the Internet of Things movement. You can control it through your phone using WiFi, or even through Alexa.

To purchase Moodo head over to Moodo.co today.

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