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Playport – Play Games, Win Cash | NewsWatch Review


How do you make the $80 billion instant win game market even bigger? By connecting players that like to win cash instantly with their favorite sellers of instant win games via mobile devices, the team at Shoutz Gaming Systems believe they have the answer.

Similar to methods successfully used by Netflix and Amazon, Playport offers instant win game retailers a cord-cutting option that eliminates the high cost of managing printed tickets and clutter of extra hardware, while providing them a custom-branded mobile app that includes marketing, loyalty and engagement tools to attract players.

So, how does Playport work? Playport is a mobile app filled with hundreds of fun and easy to play instant win games that reward winners with actual cash. To get started, simply download any participating retailer’s app, select the games you want to add to your shopping list, pay for the games at your local retailer, then play the games on your phone whenever wherever you want. And if you win, you can head straight to a cashier at any participating retailer to get paid in real cash.

Instant win games generate billions of dollars annually toward good causes, such as education and senior programs.

Playport aims to help grow that amount by bringing a new digital gaming experience to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer.

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