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Service Assistant – All-in-One CRM Solution to Grow Your Business | NewsWatch Review

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If you’re a lawn or pest control professional, you know that managing clients and employees is an uphill battle. What you need to stay on top of it all is a mobile software solution geared towards the industry.  That’s where Real Green Systems’ Service Assistant comes in.

This mobile software is an all in one business-in-a-box CRM solution that can help grow your business – from managing the entire marketing lifecycle of a prospect to the client; to managing your assets and employees; to handling internal business operations like accounting and invoicing.  It’s basically an easy to use digital assistant that never sleeps or goes on vacation.

But not only is it a solution for small businesses, it’s completely scalable to help grow a company to the large or franchise business level.  And because it’s a mobile solution, it can be used by field staff on the go and administrators in an office.

Now, Service Assistant is the engine that runs a full suite of services provided by Real Green Systems – anything from lawn signage to payment processing or truck routing.

So, if you want to grow your business and reduce the workload that accompanies client, employee, and administrative management, then you need to check out Real Green Systems’ Service Assistant by heading to realgreen.com today.

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