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Sohonet – Making the Most of Your Media Workflow | NewsWatch Review

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If you work in the entertainment industry, you know that having everyone on the production team in the same geographic location makes it more effective to work on a project.

Well, Sohonet is transforming the workflow for production companies so you can have a team start editing footage in New York while the rest of the team is still filming in L.A.

This technology is disrupting the industry because it’s changing the way people think about workflow. For the last fifteen or twenty years, the most common approach has been to fly to a location, shoot on location, then go to a soundstage, do soundstage work, and then go somewhere else for the actual post-production cycle.

The technology is creating a scenario where you still need to shoot on location, but you don’t need to bring the editor with you. You still want to do post-production as collaboratively as you can, but it means you can have talent from other locations around the world to participate without having to travel.

For the colorist, it means he or she can live in New York or live in LA, but work on jobs just about anywhere.

With Sohonet, it means the producer or director can check in and see things without having to physically go to a city to check it out. This also means that production cycles become shorter, save money, and most importantly leverage more creative talent anywhere.

Not only does this help cut down on travel time and cause less stress to your marriage and family life, but it gives the ability if you’re an editorial house, to increase your revenue and work on more productions at the same time.

For the client, it also means less travel. While some people want to travel across New York, LA, or London, to go sit with an editor for 3 to 4 hours, most people want to get on with their day, do the twenty or thirty minutes worth of collaboration in real-time and get back to what they need to get done.

If you’d like to learn more, head to sohonet.com today.

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