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Celebrating ‘Halloween’ Around the World

Halloween has been practised since ages. Though the way Halloween celebration has changed over time, most of the western countries still follow the tradition of celebrating Halloween. Children would dress up in their favourite costumes and go house to house to receive candies. This is one of the favourite days of the year for most of the children as they are given permission to roam and, they get free candies. Also, Halloween is celebrated in many parts of the world with different customs and traditional practices. There has been many movies, songs, cartoons and games with the theme of Halloween. This is even adopted in various online games, players can find many video games and casino games having Halloween theme. Sailor Bingo offers a combination of mobile bingo games and casino games which have Halloween and horror themes with scary graphics which keeps players engaged throughout the gameplay.

When we put Halloween in simple terms, it roughly means remembering the dead people. To know how Halloween is celebrated all over the World continue reading.

Day of The Dead in Mexico

In countries like Mexico, Day of the Dead is celebrated in a grand manner on the same day of Halloween. Like Halloween people dress up in their favourite costumes mostly related to the afterlife. They make huge structures and offer foods and gifts to the dead. Mexican Fiesta is an awesome festival which involves a mixture of various ancient and colonial cultures. Symbols and elements from an ancient Aztec festival related to “Lady of Death” are used in All Saints Day which is related to Spanish Conquistadors.

Ghost Festival in China

Buddhists and Taoists from China have a common belief that the worlds of living and dead merge in the Ghost Month which comes in August or September. It is believed that during this month the dead from the realms of the underworld escape and come to the living world to see their beloved relations. Food and gifts are offered to the dead like many rituals, the money is burnt to send the symbolic riches to the underworld.

Pitru Pakash in India

Hindus in India have Pitru Pakash to pay their homage to the dead people. They believe that three generations of ancestors live in a separate place between heaven and earth. When someone dies they take the place between heaven and earth and the ancestor moves to heaven.

Games and Movies

There have been numerous movies based on Halloween and one of them is the Halloween series which sent chills down the spines of many people. Similarly, the gaming sector has also used this subject to develop horror and creepy games. Even some of the mobile casino games are based on this theme. They have advanced graphics and immersive sound effects to create a terrific experience. The animations are crafted to match the theme and to deliver an impressive frightful experience. Mobile games generally deliver exciting and thrilling effect because of the real money involved and adding spooky theme takes the gaming experience to the next level. Sailor Bingo is one of the few mobile phone bingo sites which has a good collection of bingo and casino games on various themes. Players can log in and enjoy mobile games anytime.



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