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Titanium Blockchain – Pioneer in Implementation of Shockproof Internet Infrastructure | NewsWatch Review

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If recent events in the news are any indication, blockchain technology, like that used in cryptocurrencies, is the way of the future.

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services or TBIS is a pioneer in the implementation of a shockproof internet infrastructure built on blockchain technology.

While most infrastructure services house the company’s technology on several hundred devices, TBIS infrastructure resides on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, composed of over 30,000 devices, located around the world.

What does that mean? Well for one that means zero outage time as well as impenetrable security at just a fraction of the cost.

Think of it this way. Today’s largest transportation company, Uber, owns no cars. The largest hospitality company, Airbnb, owns no hotels.

See the pattern here? Why should internet infrastructure be any different?

Imagine being able to set up an enterprise-level infrastructure for a global company using a simple tablet without the need for installing servers and routers.

TBIS’ Company as a Service and Infrastructure as a service, virtualizes all of that so it can exist in an entirely cloud-based environment situated on the already-established Ethereum blockchain.

And as a sister company to the well-regarded tech consultancy company, EHI, TBIS has already gained a head start on the competition.

For more information on Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services head to tbis.io today.


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