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4 Things that Remind Millennials of their Beautiful Childhood

A prized possession of the households – a colour television – reminds us of the 90’s era. A neighbour’s landline phone number that you shared unabashedly with your relatives as your number, the ice gola’s that you enjoyed on your way back from school showing off your coloured tongue to the fury of your mother, and so on. The 90’s period was indeed a golden period which the children today seemed to have lost to the fast-paced life filled with sophisticated gadgets but bereft of simple joys of life.

The millennials of today can easily relate to the wonderful things of their childhood in the 90’s which even to this day brings a smile on their face.

Dedicated to all those millennials, in no particular order, here’s a roundup of 4 interesting things from your childhood. Enjoy, while you smile away reliving those moments.

  1. Marbles: Known as kanche among the 90’s kid, it was the sport every boy in the street perhaps played. Most of the afternoons and during holidays, all that we did were playing with a bunch of the friends in the neighborhood, with all variations of the game. A simple game that brought joyous moments when you won seems unparalleled than the big trophy that you may have won in the recent times.
  2. Paper boats: Love those days in the monsoon, when you enjoyed making those paper boats and clapped your hands in excitement while watching them float in the rainwater. Tip-toeing barefoot to the street away from the watchful eyes of your mother, how wonderful were those days when you enjoyed the monsoon with your siblings! The children of today are lost in the concrete jungle all around only to witness the waterlogged roads and the mess during monsoon.
  3. TV ads/ shows: The popular TV ads of those days like the “I’m a complan boy”, or the “Neighbour’s envy; owner’s pride”, or the Dhara cooking oil commercial, make us very nostalgic longing to revisit those lovely days. TV serials on Doordarshan such as Hum Panch, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Mahabharath, Shaktiman, Chandrakantha etc. seem to have a magical effect on us even to this day.
  4. Festivals and family functions: During the 90’s celebrations were more meaningful unlike the flamboyant exhibitions of the same in the present times. It was not about taking selfies and uploading on social media; rather, it was all about enjoying them in their true spirit. Holi meant playing with colors and looking like creepy creatures from the Mars! But, today we are more worried about the toxic chemicals that may be laced with the colors than enjoying the festival. Family functions also meant having your entire Khandaan in one place and playing rummy games with them while gorging the delicious jalebis and pakoras all along. You always had that uncle or aunty in the group who was considered to be an expert in Indian rummy, and who generously shared his/her tips on 13 cards rummy too.

A trip down the memory lane

Times have changed, so have we changed to suit the changing times. The 90’s era beautifully portrays the simple joys of life. Let’s relive and enjoy them.

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