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SNAAPPY – 3D Augmented Reality Messages | NewsWatch Review


Augmented reality was one of the hottest trends at CES 2018. One company that’s making waves in this department is SNAAPPY, a new AR communications platform.

With geo AR messages – location does matter! With SNAAPPY, you can send location-based AR messages and have your friends view them at the original location they were created.

In the AR Editor, you can create full 3D augmented reality messages that provide animated characters, photos, videos, and text. Your friends will view your AR messages in full 3D wherever they are.

Even more, you can do with SNAAPPY, you can work with the live video editor with eye-popping effects that transform your videos into something truly amazing. Attach stickers with recordings, and let SNAAPPY do the talking.

Other features include:

  • Making photos more vivid, cooler, and more creative
  • Implementing expressive 3D characters so you can communicate without words
  • Seeing text messages as they’re typed
  • Telling the world about yourself
  • Always staying connected

In addition, SNAAPPY provides:

  • Free audio and video calls
  • Group chat
  • Custom chats

If you’d like to enjoy AR daily, go to one of the app stores and install SNAAPPY.

SNAAPPY is on its way towards reinventing the future of messaging. So, what are you waiting for? Download SNAAPPY now and see for yourself!

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