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Transcrypt – Making Crypto Transactions Simple and Convenient | NewsWatch Review

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You can barely turn on a TV or open your phone without someone mentioning cryptocurrency. As more and more get onboard the revolutionary currency system, innovators are looking for ways to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

You see, until now cryptocurrencies have been too complicated, too slow and required too many intermediaries which in turn increases commission charges.

Transcrypt is a service that makes crypto transactions as simple and convenient as sending a text message. The idea is to erase the borders between operations in crypto and national currencies and to provide users with the same services and convenience they are used to seeing in modern internet banking.

If it’s going to revolutionize, then it’s going to have to be a cinch. Transcrypt offers a universal payment system within the interface of a familiar message portal. This allows users to instantly send and receive numerous types of currency directly in the chat window, as well as pay for goods and services and exchange for other types of currencies, all without having to leave the convenience of a chat window.

Think of it like Apple Pay for crypto with additional functions Apple’s instant pay system can only dream of.

Transcrypt is about to launch private token sale, join their site tsrpay.com to find out more.

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