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Dumb Ways To Die – Making Learning About Safety Fun | NewsWatch Review


The popular characters from Dumb Ways to Die are back and they’re dumber than ever. After two successful games and a ton of popular viral videos, get ready for Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour.

Dumb Ways to Die is irreverent and almost ridiculous with the things that happen. It’s essentially drawing people to a message through entertainment and that message is about being safe and not taking dumb risks because there are serious consequences.

Dumb Ways to Die 3 creates whole new worlds and see more about where the beans live and see more about the beans themselves which are even in 3D. In addition, you can also have the beans live in your own world because it’s incorporated with augmented reality.

The augmented reality feature puts the beans in your world, so they can be wherever you are. They move, they dance, they turn around.

There were two characters in the initial launch with many more to come.

Other exciting features of Dumb Ways to Die 3 include tokens and the gameplay experience is all about creating a safe world, mending things that are broken, trying to keep the beans safe as they, of course, keep trying to take some dumb risks.

However, if the beans do hurt themselves, you take them to the hospital and mend them. So everything from the ski slopes to space to out in Egypt, there are so many different places that the beans live and take risks.

Grab your tools and get to work helping rebuild the town of Dumbville for free in the Google Play or App Store today.

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