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Mussila – Bridging the Gap Between Written Music and the Joy of Playing | NewsWatch Review


If you’re a parent, you’ve probably thought of ways to improve your child’s overall cognitive development. Well, one popular way to feed your child’s brain is with music.

Mussila, created by a postgraduate in voice from the Royal Academy of Music in London, [pronounced: meuh-sil-ah], is a new app to hit the market, allows children to have fun while learning music by incorporating gamification.

When people discover that Margret Juliana Sigurdardottir is a musician, they’d so often tell her the same story. It would usually start with how they loved music and loved to play, but as soon as they were introduced to the written language of music and music theory, they would lose interest.

With Mussila, they wanted to bridge this gap between learning the written language of music and the joy of playing.

Mussila is an adventurous island with glaciers and fields of lava. The story begins when these four children crash on the island. So, the player takes on a journey with them and together they are faced with a variety of musical challenges.

Mussila has proven educational value and builds a foundation of musical understanding, but the greatest benefit of this game is that it opens up a door into the world of music and that lasts a lifetime.

Learn how your child can get started by heading to the Google Play or App Store today and searching for Mussila.

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