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TennisPAL – Find and Connect with Others Who Play | NewsWatch Review


If you play tennis, you know it’s not only a sport that’s great for staying in shape but it’s also incredibly fun.

Well, if you love all things tennis, check out the app TennisPAL.

TennisPAL is a tennis community where members can find and connect with others who love the sport as much as they do.

You can use the app to book games and play, teach, or even learn the sport.

Need another player for doubles or looking for a new partner? Find him or her through TennisPAL.

It’ll help you find your match based on skill level, availability, and proximity.

In an unfamiliar area and need to find a court to play on? You can do that right through the app. And, get driving directions too!

Now if there’s one thing we can all work on, it’s perfecting our technique. There are two ways of learning in the app. Through ProTips videos you can follow along and work on strengthening your game.

In the Teaching Court feature, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from coaches directly.

And, if you are a coach, you can find new students through the app and grow your business.

Get the TennisPAL app today and join our growing community of tennis lovers! Available in both the Google Play and iTunes App stores.

TennisPAL. Get a game of tennis. Anywhere. Any time.

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