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5 rich Ghanaians generous with their wealth

Ghanaians all over the country continue to face increasingly tough economic conditions in the country. Businessmen are straining to keep their businesses afloat and earn a comfortable living. Despite this widespread hardship and shrinking wallets, some Ghanaians are yet to feel the pinch. Furthermore, there are a number of individual’s whose bank balances continue to grow despite the times. Among those that are not at all affected are a number of young men and women barely in their forties who continue living large and are free-handed with their wealth as well. These individuals are often seen handing out large sums of money and material giveaways to the most afflicted by the struggling economy. YEN brings you five such young men and women that are unafraid to share what they have with others. Find more of the latest news on Ghana celebrities on YEN.

  1. Money Beast

Supposedly the youngest millionaire in the region, Money Beast has on countless occasions been spotted out an about giving away large bundles of cash. He is said to be 17 years old and is reportedly part of the controversial “sakawa” boys. His name and source of wealth remain unknown to this day. It is however common to spot him throwing bundles of cash out of his car window at crowds that end up following his convoy.

  1. Ibrah One

Ibrah One is arguably the youngest millionaire in Ghana, with a publicly know identity and source of wealth. Ibrah One, real name Ibrahim Dauda, has not been afraid to come forward about his wealth and to how off his immense wealth. On his birthday this year, Ibrah One took to the streets to share wealth giving away 10 iPhones for free to passengers on a public service bus.

  1. Nana Appiah Mensah

Nana Appiah Mensah, the CEO of Zylofon Media, popularly known as NAM is no stranger to wealth. The young chief of Zylofon Media has had lady luck smiling upon his entrepreneurial ventures and he has not held himself back when it comes to sharing his fortune. He has been seen handing out money to hawkers on the streets of Accra. In a viral video in the latest entertainment news in Ghana, he is seen handing out GHC 50 notes to hawkers. The only questionable part about all this is that the video is recorded by an individual inside the vehicle with NAM which makes it hard to tell whether this was a public relations stunt or a true gesture of generosity.

  1. Rev. Obofuor

The reverend is known among his congregation for his generosity. He has a knack for putting on shows to display his largesse and generosity at the same time. At one occasion he gave Kumawood actress Wayoosi a car during a church service he was presiding over. He has also sprayed money into a crowd during a funeral service, a stunt that made major waves in Ghana as the video went viral. The Reverend continues to flaunt his princely collection of cars and other prestige possessions. He makes this list for his displays of affluence at such a young age.

  1. Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui has given back to society in many ways through the philanthropic efforts of her foundation. The Fella Makafui Foundation has done a lot towards helping the less fortunate in society. Despite having a channel for her philanthropic pursuits, Fella Makafui has not held back when it comes to flaunting her wealth. In a recent social media video, she is seen throwing cash at a couple at their wedding.

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