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Geon – Blockchain-Based AR Mobile App | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

As augmented reality, or AR, becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives–think PokemonGO– trend-setting companies are using it, along with other groundbreaking technologies, to transform everything from charitable giving to retail design to market research.

One example of this is Geon Network with their blockchain-based AR mobile app. Geon employs AR to allow users to create virtual beacons – called geons – that store values.  Those values become accessible to users when they are physically near a geon and satisfy preset conditions.

For example, if you own a restaurant you can create a geon and reward patrons with food or drink discounts when they walk inside. Or imagine if you’re a brand, like us here at NewsWatch. We can set up a Geon beacon in a high trafficked area and reward people who take a survey with Geon coins. And those Geon coins can be converted to cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, or even cash. Because it’s backed by blockchain, all the transactions on the app are secure and verifiable.

So small businesses can attract customers, large businesses can conduct market research, and end users like you and I can securely be rewarded for interacting with a business or charity or individual.

Learn more about Geon and their upcoming ICO, visit geon.network today.

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